How are you coping throughout Lockdown No3?

 As we ended 2020 – on what many would call as the most significant and challenging year in a long time – I would say that year was truly one to reflect upon on what really should matter for us. Just when we thought that 2021 would be a year of hope – the first week back that lockdown announcement only continued to tear away us from the many comforts we once took for granted – a predictable routine, our holidays, upcoming engagements, kids being at school and everyday social interactions that were a norm.

Now we are stripped of the many necessities, with plans distraught, time at home we once craved and for many an opportunity to focus on their relationships – whether it would be a spouse, parent or a child.

What we thought would be an almost impossible life to have – became a reality. But the one thing that has taken a large toll on us is our mental health. Our mental health was extremely challenged where we forced to accommodate change of lives, lost control of our plans and were put face to face to combat the different aspects we once put aside.

So what are you doing to deal with the daily stresses in your life? We may not be able to take control of the external environment and the pandemic – but we can take control of nurturing our mental health.

Perhaps we can help with some suggestions? - Why not take time to declutter your home to make space in the areas of your home? Research shows that decluttering can help lower stress levels giving you more space to breathe, gain a sense of achievement by getting rid of junk that serves no purpose and help boost self-esteem in getting rid of items that associate to your past.

To add to your achievement – you can add a picture to uplift your room – so that when you enter it brings you joy and happiness.

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Our personal favourite is the Buddha image that brings a sense of serenity. - Why not take time to do something for your loved ones?

As we still cannot visit family members as often we could. Why not send a Scent and Print Gift Box? Show them you care and you are thinking about them? Explore our range of Scent and Print Gift Box that come with oil burner, tea lights, wax melts and a beautiful artwork to go with the occasion. -

Why not lighten your home with your favourite scents? Research shows that aromatherapy oils help calm stress levels and lower the chances of depression.

  • Lavender is meant to be a great scent to calm anxiety levels and promote sleep for you and kids.
  • Patchouli provides feelings of relaxation and helping to ease stress or anxiety. If it’s a day where you are feeling less energetic, Sandalwood scent is meant to increase alertness.

Or if you have a preference of strong musky scents to mask the smell of food or other odours in the house, try our Oud and Jasmine wax melts.

Lastly, with everyone being at home, one thing a lot of us have realised that the environment outside seems to be a lot less polluted and we are hearing the bird a lot more than we would in the hustle and bustle of cars outside. It has made us all appreciate the emergence of climate change and the need to keep an eco-friendly environment. Well with every purchase of sustainable gifts UK you make with us – you can gladly know that you will support the environment and local economy. As all our products are eco-friendly and locally produced. An addition to this we even plant trees through, to areas across the globe that have been deforested.

So why wait any longer? Get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

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