Reusing your candle vessel

Here at Libra Fine Arts we try to use reusable products and products you can recycle. Here’s our top 5 ideas for re using your glass candle holder. 

1. Use to store all your pens and pencils . It’s always when you need one you can’t find one ! 

2. Use for all those missing hand bands and pins! Keep them all tidy and together. It will look fab on your dressing table ! 

3. Use as a planter for a succulent or as a vase for some beautiful flowers. Cut the stems short and they will look stunning. You have instant artwork on a vase. 

4. Fill your glass vessel with colourful sweets. It will look great on display in your kitchen! 

And finally ... 

5. Use it to collect spare change ! Once a month add up all your pennies and buy yourself a treat. You deserve it !!