Step into Spring with Scent


Spring is here, Get those marigolds on as Spring Cleaning time is now! Out with the old and in with the new!

Dust all those cobwebs away and what a better thing to do that than light an uplifting scent, bringing in the positive, uplifting vibes. We are looking forward. It looks like there is a light at the end of this tunnel!

Our aromatherapy wax melts are made with a blend of natural soy wax and pure essential oils so not only do they smell divine they have amazing properties too.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and have their roots in the most ancient healing practices. Today the use of essential oils are recognised as a key element used in aromatherapy treatments for the body and mind.

Our White tea and Pear wax melts have a fresh, crisp and energizing scent. This fragrance offers the beautiful clean notes of sweet pear complimented by the calming notes of white tea and offering the benefits of wisdom, happiness, and positive health.

Our White Tea and Pear aromatherapy wax melts benefits can help to reduce insomnia and have a calming and increase the overall wellbeing. This scent the perfect scent for a new start and a positive wellbeing. 

Another scent which has positive tones for Spring are our Lime and Black Pepper Wax Melts. The perfect fusion of zesty limes and the warming of black pepper oil. Punchy, stimulating and zesty. An uplifting scent that will put a positive note on any situation. Filled with essential oils it is a refreshing and uplifting scent full of aromatherapy benefits of positivity and wellness.

Fill your spring-cleaned home with scent. The Lime and Black Pepper Scent is a perfect scent for the hallway, inviting you into your home and imagine the White Tea and Pear scent filling your dining room whilst entertaining (when we can!) or in your living room when your friends can gather eventually. Light the Lime and Black Pepper Scent in your freshly cleaned bathroom, filling your bathroom with uplifting scent ready to start the day.

Have you thought about having your own personal signature scent? A scent that people recognise that its your house? Or you? Or a wedding signature scent? We can provide our wax melt scents for your wedding scent. Fancy White Tea and Pear to calm you on the morning of your wedding? Every time you smell that scent you will be transported to the happiest day of your life.

We were drawing the 3 lionesses to our Lime and Black Pepper scent, fireless and spirited! Energizing and powerful and we were drawing

 scent, We were drawing the 747 Queen of the Skies to the uplifting and full of opportunities and positivity for the future.



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