Our Story

2020 was a challenging year for all of us, we have all been on a journey, one that we would have never expected in a lifetime.

But one blessing in disguise was that 2020 did give us time. It gave us the time to re evaluate what we want from our lives, what ignites the passion within us and what makes us really happy.

 Drawing makes us happy. It helped us reach a calm in a very stressful and unsure world and if our creations make you happy,  we are happy.

Everything you see has been intricately hand drawn for your pleasure in our office with you in mind!

Another passion of ours has been to ‘shop local’ and support local businesses.  All our products have been sourced from local companies. Our frames are handmade, our mounts are hand cut and our vegan candles are hand poured. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and as the environment is so important to us, we have decided we need to give back. We plant trees through Ecologi, to areas across the globe that have been deforested.

Thanks for stopping by Libra Fine Arts

Katherine and Skip of Libra Fine Arts