Framed Prints

Our large wooden frames are handmade in the UK in sizes A3 and A2 to frame prints sized A4 and A3 respectively.

All mounted by an exquisitely hand cut bevelled design mount. 
The paper we use is of the highest quality, a minimum of 230 gsm, archival paper with our Medium and Large Prints printed on 100 % Cotton, acid free, archival paper. 
A3 Frame size for A4 print - Portrait prints
47 cm height, 35 cm width, 2 cm depth
Aperture 29 cm height x 21 cm width. 
A3 Frame size for A4 print - Landscape prints
35 cm height, 47 cm width, 2 cm depth.
Aperture 21 cm height x 29 cm width. 
A2 frame size for A3 print (For portrait prints) 
64 cm height, 46 cm width, 2 cm depth 
Aperture 42 cm height x 29.5 cm width. 
A2 frame size for A3 print (For landscape prints) 
46 cm height, 64 cm width , 2 cm depth
Aperture 29.5 cm height x 42cm width
 I have signed all my artwork and images are watermarked for the website, your purchase will not be watermarked.. To prolong the life of your artwork please do not leave it in direct sunlight.