Our True Story

When Libra Fine Arts was born, the deal was ... Skip will draw the art and I will do everything else.. Well little did I know how much everything else was!

Let me introduce Skip first.. without him, there would be no Libra Fine Arts. 

Peering into the rearview mirror of time, my artistic roots stretch back to childhood – scribbles of graffiti gracing my 80s textbooks and the intricate lines of technical drawings that wove their way into my heart. But like many things, this passion appeared to fade as life marched forward. The pivotal moment came in 2016, when the tempest of a traumatic divorce reached its crescendo, leaving behind a trail of emotional debris and financial woes, years in the making. Seeking refuge, I escaped the confines of routine and found solace within the embrace of the New Forest. Here, amidst the trees and whispers of nature, I discovered art as my lifeline – an escape from the turmoil that had taken root within.

 As a balm for my racing thoughts and a sanctuary for my anxious heart, art emerged as my trusted companion. Each pencil stroke became a form of meditation, a gentle whisper that calmed the storms raging within. Amidst the shadows of mental health struggles, art reclaimed its rightful place in the gallery of my heart, breathing new life into my world.

 I embarked on an odyssey through acrylics, exploring the dance of colors and textures. Yet, it was in the realm of graphite and charcoal that I unearthed my true calling. The monochrome palette held a symphony of shades, waiting to be coaxed onto the canvas. Amidst the canvas and charcoals, I found myself. The epoch of 2020’s lockdown became a cocoon of metamorphosis. With each brush of the hand, I felt the cadence of creation, the journey from void to masterpiece. The supplies in my grasp transformed into conduits of expression, and in this symposium of artistry, I found not only art but a profound connection with myself, a spiritual expedition that had been a long time in the making. 


"Every stroke of my pencil is fueled by the beauty of the world around me, from the delicate dance of a butterfly's wings to the towering majesty of ancient trees. Nature's endless inspiration guides my hand, creating art that speaks to the soul."

Skip Khangurra


The fire of creativity never quite burned within me, but an unwavering drive to carve out my own path in the business world remained a constant ember. The itch to explore this terrain was ever-present, though my perceived lack of skills often held me back. The birth of Libra Fine Arts was far from a meticulously planned venture. It came to life organically, sparked by Skip’s takeover of our spare room and the transformative journey of his drawings. That’s when I glimpsed untapped potential, a spark of inspiration that urged me to dive in.

Remarkably, this realization coincided with the arrival of lockdown, a period riddled with uncertainty and the looming specter of job loss. These parallel circumstances underscored the urgency to turn this nascent concept into tangible reality. The notion of creating a haven for artistry took on new significance.

Amidst the haze of uncertainty, one truth remained steadfast: our mission encompassed more than creation. It was about weaving an environmentally conscious narrative into our work, leaving a positive impact on the world that envelops us. The path ahead is shrouded in mystery, yet it pulses with anticipation. Amid this ambiguity, a fervent hope kindles - that one day, we’ll serve as mentors to budding artists, igniting their own creative explorations.

Today, our studio resides nestled within the embrace of Windsor’s serene countryside, a cocoon for inspiration. Libra Fine Arts surges onward, drawing strength from every stroke of innovation and each breath of artistic expression.