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Bellatrix the Bunny Wild Fig and Grape Candle

Bellatrix the Bunny Wild Fig and Grape Candle

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Bellatrix The Bunny Wild Fig and Grape 20 cl Candle. 

This expertly crafted candle blends the sweetness of wild fig and the aroma of grape, and its wooden undertones evoke an inviting ambiance reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Made from a combination of high-quality fragrance and natural, plant-based wax, including soya, rapeseed and coconut, this candle is ideal for gifting on any occasion. Each product is carefully hand-poured in small batches in England.


Hand Poured In Small Batches in England 

Our Unique Blend Of Fragrance Oils Deliver A Non Toxic, Long Lasting, Luxury Home Fragrance. 

100% Vegan Friendly

All Cotton Wick

We strive to create products that are as natural and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Burn Time: 20cl 170g Approx 50 Hours

Scent Description : Relaxing and Warm

Fragrance Notes: Woody Pine, Musk, Wild Fig and Cassis. 

Wax: Plant Based Wax, Made From Soya, Rapeseed and Coconut, Which As A Raw Material Is Both Sustainable And Kind To The Environment. Our Plant Based Wax Is NOT Produced From Petroleum Based Parrafin Wax, Any Animal Or Beeswax Based Products. 

Plant Based Wax Creates a Clean Burn Throughout All Of Our Products

Packaging: Recycled Glass Vessel and Recyclable Black Box with Flip Lid.

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