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Happy Birthday Poppies Seed Card

Happy Birthday Poppies Seed Card

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This 230 gsm meadow mix seeded paper card, crafted in a majestic English mill, is embedded with a meadow wildflower seed mix, making it environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. Follow the planting instructions on the back to watch your card transform into stunning flowers. A6 in size and paired with a white envelope, this card is an ideal way to involve the kids, teaching them about the garden and the outdoors. It also helps them learn to take care of the environment, making sustainable choices and promoting eco-friendly living.

These cards are also a great gift for special occasions, providing a unique and memorable way to spread joy. Unlike traditional cards that are discarded and forgotten, Plantable cards create a living memory that will last for years.


Wildflower meadows are a great way to brighten up a garden and help local wildlife.

Please Note- Flowering Months May - October. 

  The plantable cards provide an eco-friendly way to send a memorable message, with each card containing a blend of native UK wildflower seeds. Flowering months may vary, however typically blooms are expected in late spring and early summer.


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