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Well Done Seed Card

Well Done Seed Card

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Made from beautiful 230 gsm meadow mix seeded paper created for us in a beautiful mill in the heart of England, this card is embedded with over a meadow wildflower seed mix, making it eco friendly  and is  100% bio degradable. It’s A6 size and comes with our beautiful embossed luxury envelopes.

Using wildflower seeds that bloom in the UK, this card helps to promote biodiversity and supports vulnerable wildlife. It's a special way to celebrate a special's designed to be just as beautiful in your garden as it is in your home.

Just follow the planting instructions on the back and watch your card grow into beautiful flowers. 

A great way to involve children in the garden, the growing process and getting them in the great outdoors ! 
It's is a fun and educational experience that teaches kids how to care for plants while producing a lasting keepsake.

Please Note- Flowering Months May - October.  The eco-friendly design helps promote a sustainable lifestyle and reduce our environmental impact. Plus, planting your card can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family.


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