Our Story

When Libra Fine Arts was born, the deal was ... Skip will draw the art and I will do everything else.. Well little did I know how much everything else was!

Let me introduce Skip first.. without him, there would be no Libra Fine Arts. 

This is Skip's story;

Looking back on it now, I was always artistic as a child, graffiti in my textbooks in the 80s and then later technical drawing became a love of mine. It wasn't something that would stay with me as I grew older .My traumatic divorce came to its head in 2016. Suffering with emotional and financial turmoil built up over the years before I took a break from normality in the New Forest and took comfort in art as escape. As a form of meditation and a way to calm my mind, suffering with mental health issues and anxiety Art found its place back in my heart and my life.

I dabbled in painting with acrylics, colours and textures but eventually found my calling in graphite and charcoal. I love the depth of shades you can get from one medium. 

I fell in love with the process of creation during lockdown 2020, really understanding the development of a piece, the journey of the art from a blank canvas, the supplies I use and most importantly myself. It was a spiritual journey I wished I had started long ago. 

This is my story..

I have never been a creative person, but i have always had that nagging feeling of wanting to run my own business, i just never felt i had any skills in order to do this. Libra Fine Arts wasn't a plan, after watching Skip take over the spare room, seeing his drawings I thought there was real potential in what he was creating and to build on it . This coincidently came crashing towards us at the same time as lockdown and an uncertainty of the future as redundancy was on the cards. It then became even more important to try and make this work. 

I knew we wanted to create a high quality product, with the environment in mind, ensuring we make a difference to this life where we can. I do not know where the future will take is, it is exciting but i do hope one day we can help other aspiring artists start their journey. 

Now with two studios, one in the historic town of Windsor and the other nestled in the beautiful Surrey Hills, Libra Fine Arts is growing strength to strength.

 Love Katherine and Skip 


   Our Frames and Mounts

All of our frames are handmade and our mounts are hand cut by our local UK supplier and is made from high quality wrapped MDF sourced from sustainable forestation. The frames are modern and elegant in design. Our A2 Frames comes complete with Styrene (Plastic Glass), it looks no different to glass, it is just safer for transportation and display due to its size but glass in our A3/A4 Frames and all with an MDF backing board

All of our mount board is acid free to ensure protection from pollutants in the air. This could cause damage to your prints/photos over time. 

To make it easier for you, your frame comes with screw eyes which easily screw into the wood frame enabling the frame to be hung either portrait or landscape. Our small frame also comes with a support arm to be stood upright independently.

Our paper used for prints have been printed on the highest quality archival paper. A minimum of 230 g, acid free paper with our Large and Medium Prints also being printed on 100 % Cotton Photo Rag archival paper. Please do not hang your print in direct sunlight, this will protect the longevity of your print. 

We continue to hold the copyright for all our original artwork, even after purchase. 

Our Sustainability Mission

At Libra Fine Arts we believe in the importance of making a positive impact to the world we live in. We are continuously looking at ways to give back to the world and improve it for all communities and all of nature. We seek out suppliers that are fair, transparent and safe, based in the United Kingdom, reducing delivery distances and in hand supporting local artisan skills. 


Tree Planting and Carbon Offsetting   

We are proud to be a climate positive workforce, partnering with Ecologi to offset our employees carbon footprints, including emissions from their home, personal travel, hobbies and more. In return, Ecologi plant trees to restore healthy forests around the globe and fund the world's best climate crisis solution. Planting these trees in these areas provides families with income, empovernment, leadership, understanding and unity.

With any order you place from us, Ecologi will plant a tree as a Thank You to you and as a way of giving back to the world.

You can keep up to date with our journey by visiting our Ecologi Profile by clicking here 

Modern Slavery 

 At Libra Fine Arts we have a zero tolerance approach towards modern slavery. We ensue there is none in any part of our business or our supply chain. Equal opportunities for all is also a priority for us. We uphold the greatest dignity and respect to all. 

 Reducing Plastic

We are committed to reducing the use of single use plastic but replacing them with biodegradable cello bags for our cards, eco friendly cushions and recycled bubble wrap. We recycle and reuse everything, even our suppliers delivery boxes and packaging, as we don't like to throw anything away. Our eco packing peanuts are made from starch, are odorless, dust free and half the wright of traditional peanuts. Our eco nuts are biodegradable, compostable, reusable, disposable and actually dissolve in water!

Sustainable Packaging

We recycle and reuse everything, even our suppliers delivery boxes and packaging, as we don't like to throw anything away, including their plastics as it is better to reuse their plastic than send to land fill!