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White-tailed Bumble Bee Greeting Card

White-tailed Bumble Bee Greeting Card

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Beautifully Drawn White-tailed Bumble bee Greeting Card

Scientific name: Bombus lucorum 

Hand Drawn in England In collaboration with the Royal Entomological Society


This Card boasts a 300 gsm construction of recyclable material sourced from 100% waste fibres, grey envelope and eco clasp. Its luxe feel and eco-friendly design are sure to make it a hit with the recipient.

COLLECTION  - Royal Entomological Society Collection


SIZE - 15x15 cm

A percentage of each sale from the Royal Entomological Society Collection will go towards supporting their vital insect science and outreach work. The Society is devoted to the understanding and development of insect science. They aim to show every person how remarkable and valuable insects are, and want to enrich the world with insect science.

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